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Jonghoon: Recently, I've been feeling lonely as if I'm suffering from lovesick, it might be due to the bitter cold winter, but why do I feel lonely? Even when I'm having fun with my members, I'll suddenly feel the pain of loneliness.. The occurrence of this kind of feeling has not been limited to just once or twice, it makes me seem like a lovesick adolescent again.

A year has past and now it's the end of the year again, in preparation for the new year, my mind is now filled with lots of thoughts. When I looked back at the things that had happened in my life after joining FTISLAND, it was the period of time when the changes were the greatest. This period of time is like a gift to me, when you look at it, it was neither a short nor long period of time, of course I'm thankful to those who have been accompanying me along the way, although I'm always having this mentality, but I still wish that in the year 2013, everything will still be the same like in the beginning, to be together with PRIs who are always so supportive and my members who will always give me the strength that I need.

чегож тебе еще надо собака? так и хочется спросить...но почему то его мне жаль,он реал умный парень,а как известно умным тяжелее жить из-за всяких дурацких размышлений, на них с Хонки посмотреть,прям 2 страдальца....ну страдайте вы дома,плачьтесь друг другу,зачем ныть при всех...это не тот аспект в котором нужно быть максимально честным,нытиков никто не любит, а нытиков у которых есть практически все, кроме поводов для нытья, вообще быть не должно!Будь мужиком блеать,в конце концов

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