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время идет,люди меняются...только Хонки так и остается говнохарактерной самоуверенной самовлюбленной няшкой,как же с ним наверное трудно...за что ни возмись,бедные парни...я бы даже за 10 лет не привыкла

Hongki’s Song: “Don’t love” By FT Island

HK: “This song is from our second album. I recorded song when we were in Japan. “

JSH: “You loved there too.”

HK: “No, I was in love before but then we broke up. And then I got to record this song in Japan. But the lyrics felt so close to heart. So I finished recording this song in just two takes. Our CEO was so impressed. But I was so caught up in my emotion, I ended up crying after the song. But if you ask me to sing this now, I can’t. It’s so hard. I have no idea how I recorded it back then.”

“Why did you break up?”

HK: “We had some timing issue, and the distance.”

JSH: “Hongki, what kind of a boyfriend are you?”

HK: “I used to be the devoted type. But now, I’m a…”

MH: “He’s a bad guy.”

HK: “I’m not!”

MH: “He’s really bad.”

“I just like everything up to my standards. I know this is selfish but I don’t know why I’m like that.”

JSH: “It could be because you are used to being loved.”

HK: “So I’m trying hard to fix that.”

JSH: “You don’t think you can be the devoted guy again?”

HK: “I want to be.”

“What kind of a girl do you think would change you back?”

HK: “Song Hye Gyo.”

JH: “Even she won’t do. He tends to be devoted at first but then it ends up being the other way.”

JSH: “There are DNAs like that. There are genes who keep giving in love, and there are those who only receive.”

JH: “They say we are getting all fancy on the outside. Hongki is like that with love.”

JSH: “Hongki’s love is just for looks. This reminds me of a song title. Well, thanks to everyone, it looks like Hongki’s next love will be difficult.”

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